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Ukraine is home to a significant Muslim community. Estimates of the Muslim population in Ukraine range from 1% to 5%, with the Muslim population in Crimea estimated at around 10%. Most Muslims in Ukraine are Sunni, with a small number of Shi’a Muslims.

The Muslim community in Ukraine is ethnically diverse, including Tatars, Chechens, Uzbeks, and Azerbaijanis.

History of Ukrainian Muslims in Short

The Muslim community in Ukraine has a long history. Muslims first arrived in Ukraine in the 13th century as part of the Mongol Horde. Muslims played an important role in the history of Ukraine, including the Crimean Khanate, which was a Muslim Khanate that occupied the Crimean Peninsula from 1449 to 1783.

The Muslim community in Ukraine has continued to grow in recent years, with the Muslim population in Crimea estimated to have grown by ten-fold since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Number of Organizations, Mosques and Madrasah in Ukraine

The Muslim community in Ukraine is well organized and has a number of mosques and Islamic schools. There are a number of Muslim organizations in Ukraine, including the Muslim Congress of Ukraine, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine, and the Association of Muslims of Crimea.


Ukrainian Muslims have a diverse range of views on religious and social issues. Some Muslims in Ukraine are conservative and adhere to traditional Islamic values, while others are more liberal and are open to modernizing their faith.

There is also a significant minority of Muslims in Ukraine who are not religious and see themselves as secular.

Ukrainian Muslims have been active in promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation. The Muslim Congress of Ukraine has organized a number of interfaith events, including a meeting of representatives of Muslim and Christian faiths in Kyiv in 2016.

Ukrainian Muslims have also participated in the annual meetings of the World Muslim Congress.

FAQs Answered about Ukrainian Muslims and other People

  1. What is the religious affiliation of the majority of Ukrainians?

The religious affiliation of the majority of Ukrainians is Eastern Orthodox.

  1. What is the religious affiliation of Ukrainian Muslims?

The religious affiliation of Ukrainian Muslims is Sunni Islam.

  1. How many Muslims are there in Ukraine?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no official census of Muslims in Ukraine. However, estimates suggest that there are between 2 and 3 million Muslims in Ukraine.

  1. What rights do Muslims in Ukraine have?

Muslims in Ukraine have the same rights as other religious groups in the country.

  1. What challenges do Muslims in Ukraine face?

One of the main challenges Muslims in Ukraine face is the perception of Islam as a foreign religion. Additionally, Muslims often face discrimination and prejudice.


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