Author. Analyst. Editor.

Working as the Content Strategist at weDevs; managing official blog including WordPress ERP, HappyAddons, weMail, Appsero, WPHive blog pages, YouTube channels, and product documentation.

Edited a monthly (NatunDak) and several periodical magazines. And have had the good fortune of writing in numerous national magazines-newspapers.

Have four books- three are about Historical Analysis in Bangla, 4th one is a collection of short stories in English. 

Sakil books

Altogether, my writing experience is about 13 years.

Passionate about History and Literature.

Completed Graduation on Business and Marketing.

Proud Muslim. Love to read-recite The Noble Quran, think, and relate to everyday life.

Enjoy exploring new things beyond regular tasks and responsibilities. Believe working 15 hours a day.