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Who I am

A creative author, data storyteller, tech product marketer, content strategist, and SEO expert. Have been creating content for about 10 years and I’m passionate about Technology, WordPress, SaaS, History, and Literature. Worked as the Head of Content and SEO at weDevs for the past 5 years. Managed the entire inbound marketing of Dokan Multivendor with a few more WordPress+SaaS tools.

What I Do

I do everything related to Inbound Marketing; writing, content-SEO strategy development, content marketing, social media marketing, and so on. I help companies develop content and SEO strategies to get desired traffic, leads, and sales from Google. I’m an expert in identifying content gaps and SEO issues and resetting winning strategies. Helped 30+ websites and products achieve first-page ranking for target keywords and get sustainable growth. Have a track record of 0 to 100k+ monthly traffic from super crowded niches.

I Specialize In-

01) Keyword Research & Topical Mapping
02) Niche-focused Content, SEO, and Marketing Strategy
03) Content-SEO audit, finding gaps, resetting strategies
04) Tech Products’ Knowledgebase planning and documentation
05) Organic Growth Planning for B2B/SaaS tech products
06) Link generation, on-page optimization, Local SEO
07) Building teams and providing training (Content, SEO, Marketing)
08) Full-stack Marketing Plan and execution for new/struggling products
09) Email marketing, Social Media & forum branding

Built 5 quality blogs from scratch-


Here are a few more of my achievements at weDevs in the last 5 years.

– Proper care of with 300k+ traffic and 6+ mins average reading time
– 0 to 50k+ organic traffic for 5 new product sites, without paid backlinking
– Sustainable growth for all sites, no drop in any Google updates in the last three years
– Participating in the recruitment of 11 content writers and training them from scratch
– Increasing YouTube views by 150% for 3 channels
– Securing Social Media traffic growth by 80%

I have completed my graduation in Business and Marketing.

Languages I’m proficient in – English, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu

Edited a monthly and several periodical magazines, have four published books in Bangla.

Believe in team power and enjoy helping team members and exploring new things beyond regular responsibilities.

My published books

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Magazines I have edited

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Bangla blog

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