How is Palestine as A State? How was The Last Few Years?

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There is not enough food. Not enough source for pure water. The sanitation system breaks down. There is no opportunity to go anywhere for the people. No well-structured school for children. No job for young adults. Patients do not have required medical or pharmaceutical collection. Palestine population spends days in unannounced remand with the fears of blockades, arrests, attacks, and murders. An announcement by Donald Trump on December 16 (recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) changed the whole picture of Palestine state, Permanently.

The dream that the Palestinians have been fighting for six decades has been watered down by former US President Trump. Netanyahu’s Israel has begun to devour Palestine with new vigor. Death, hunger, captivity are now the destiny of the Palestinians.

Freedom is far away, and the Palestinian people can no longer believe what the United Nations has said about a two-state solution. No matter what they do, no one is by their side today. There is only one person who does not need to worry about anyone else. The Muslims of Gaza are looking to the judgment of that God.

Fridays are now not only a call to congregation, but also a message of new struggle. Palestinians from all walks of life stormed the Israeli-built border checkpoints in Jerusalem.

They will not accept the rate, they will stop only after gaining independence.

The daily life of Palestine Population

How is Palestine?

The unemployment rate in Palestine is now over 50%. There are no industrial factories, no opportunities for cultivation. Freedom to fish in the sea has been taken away. How will they work, where will they do it? 80% of people survive on foreign aid alone. At times, however, Israel faced obstacles. Life then became more horrible.

Israel has blocked access to Jerusalem, even for medical treatment, tightened security at sea, and closed the Rafah border, the only land route since Morsi was ousted and General Sisi took power in Egypt.

Although a little normal in the West, the whole of Gaza is now a prison. There is no normal water supply, 90 percent of the ground water is unfit for drinking. There is no gas connection, there is no electricity. The children have no school, no good treatment in the hospital. There are only attacks, sometimes in the sky-or directly.

Evictions, blockades, and arrests are going on every day. Standing in the pit of death, life can no longer be calculated. If this continues, it may not take long – Gaza and its Muslims will disappear from the map of the world. God knows the dream of independence and the punishment for winning Hamas in the 2006 national election and how long they will have to get it.

Gaza Strip- The Palestine City: Looking back

Gaza Strip- The Palestine City

The Gaza Strip is located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, along with ancient trade and waterways. Before 1918, Ottoman Empire was under Khilafah or Ottoman Empire. In the last century, it came under British military rule, first from Egypt, then from Israel. 

About 2 million Palestinians currently live here. With just 140 square miles of border, Israel has become one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Shortly after the end of British rule in Palestine in the late 1940s, Jews began to escalate their conflict with the Arabs. After the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War and the formation of the State of Israel, Gaza came under the control of the Egyptian administration.

However, Egypt never acquired Gaza. Gaza was still somehow independent. Thousands of Palestinian refugees, forced to flee their homes as a result of the Arab-Israeli war, gathered in Gaza. In June 1967, Israel occupied Gaza from Egypt in a six-day war. The people of Gaza in Palestine became subjugated.

first Arab-Israel war in 1948-49

After nearly four decades, on September 12, 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew its troops and troops from Gaza. The 36-year Israeli occupation came to an end. The following year, in 2006, Israel again imposed a blockade on Gaza over allegations that Hamas had captured an army. Meanwhile, after the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, Cairo closed the Rafah border in Gaza almost completely. Since then, the Gaza Strip has become a virtual prison. 

Gaza strip- a Palestine city under attack

According to a World Bank estimate, the blockade has cost Gaza more than 50 percent of its GDP. Instead of self-reliance, Gaza is now a city of immigrants.

Israel’s Continuous Campaign on Palestine State

Israel has carried out one operation after another in Gaza on various pretexts outside the eviction-blockade-occupation.

Israel launched a “Hot Winter” operation on March 26, 2007, alleging that an Israeli had been killed by a rocket fired from Gaza. More than 120 Palestinians were killed. Hamas rocket fire and Israeli counter-attacks continued until the so-called ceasefire in June. Hundreds of Palestinian women and children were still killed.

How is Palestine?

On December 26 of the same year, Israel launched another massive air strike called ‘Operation Cast Lead’. At that time, 1,400 Palestinians and only 13 Israelis were killed. The massacre continued until the ceasefire on January 16, 2009.

Then, on November 14, 2012, Israel launched a new operation called “Operation Pillar of Defense” by killing top Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari in an Israeli missile strike. The eight-day operation killed at least 18 Palestinian Muslims and eight Israelis.

The ceasefire was then mediated by Egypt. On July 7, 2014, Israel launched a horrific operation against Gaza called ‘Operation Protective Edge’. The aim is to completely exterminate Hamas by stopping rocket attacks from Gaza and digging tunnels by rebels.

In that war, 2,250 Palestinians were killed. There were more than 500 children only. These were the constant campaigns of the last few years. Apart from this, persecution was going on daily on the Gaza border or in Jerusalem.
The agreement reached between Hamas and Fatah authorities in October 2016 raised new hopes.

In reality, it has not taken shape. Israel is well aware of the damage that will be done if peace returns to Gaza. They are doing and will continue to do everything possible to continue their illegal occupation by inflicting a miserable life on the Palestinians. 
In January this year, Nikolai Mladenov, the UN peace envoy to the Middle East, said the Gaza Strip was on the verge of collapse. This was the first international recognition of the horrific situation in Gaza.

ottoman rule on Palestine
Ottoman Empire ruled Palestine From about 1517 to 1917

However, the profit did not happen. The continuation of decades of inhumane living is now more evident than at any time in the past. More pitiful. May Allah have mercy on the Muslims of Pak Palestine especially Gaza.

An American President and the Changing Context of Palestine State

USA and Israel relationship
America’s blind support for Israel cannot be accepted by the world anymore

In turn, many things can be said. But the reality is that the Palestinians’ dream of independence is far from over. Without God’s unseen help, neither the present nor the near future speaks in favor of Palestine.

The current President of the United States, Trump, has a simple identity – a man on a mission. A special group has put him in power for some special work. As usual, he continues with the evidence.

Not only your own country, but also wherever you can, or by putting your hands in it, you are making all the calculations random. He did not hesitate to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem last December. Publicly evicted the Palestinians and legitimized the settlement of Israel. He wants a solution, two states or a single state is not a fact to him. He lost a referendum at the United Nations but did not give up.

The United States has withdrawn from the relief fund after failing to respond to calls for a halt to UN aid. Critics have cut 200 million in annual aid to a single power. ALO, a social organization working for Palestine, has handed over its US office.

At the moment, there is no non-political organization in the United States to speak for Palestine. Earlier, when Trump came to power, he canceled a special aid fund passed by Obama for Palestine. He has made it clear in every possible way that he has nothing but Israel in mind on the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

Netanyahu, who is feared to be ousted for corruption, has since launched a full-scale attack on Trump.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the past few months in the wake of the 70th bombing. The day Trump’s daughter (a Jewish bride) Melania opened the US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel shot dead about twenty Palestinians on the other side of the city.

This bloody Israeli-US diplomatic mission is not just about setting up an embassy or declaring a capital, it has changed the whole context of 70 years. Trump-Netanyahu doesn’t care about the condemnation of the whole world, the direct opposition of most countries, the criticism of the United Nations.

Palestinian journalist Daoud Katab said-

In a speech in 2009, Netanyahu set out a condition for a two-state solution, which now includes some additional issues that reject the idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state. And now throwing down the historic two-state solution means a permanent presence of Israeli troops on Palestinian land. Trump-Netanyahu is walking that path. Six decades later, how come 4 million Palestinians (more than the number of refugees in different countries) will accept the Jewish state? The political rights that are given to the Jews will not be given to them. Palestinians cannot imagine being second-class citizens in their own state.

The attitude adopted by Netanyahu and Trump is no doubt that this blessed region is moving towards more open chaos and division. The majority of Palestinians are being deprived of their political rights in occupied lands, where Jewish settlers enjoy full political and national rights. Apart from this, the West Bank, especially Gaza, has almost turned into a death pit.

There is No One on The Side of Palestine Population

Palestine has never had enough political or military power to assert its rights, now it has no more. The Muslim state – especially the Arab states – could have been the least respectable solution. But who will come forward? All over the Middle East and Arabia now there is only conflict and fighting. It doesn’t look like anything good could have happened without it.

Even the Arab leaders in power, who are in power with the help and support of the West, do not like the Palestinians. They did not accept that they put Hamas in power like Israel and the United States. The future king of Saudi Arabia, the current Crown Prince Samalman bin Muhammad, instead of criticizing Israel, threatened Palestine. Egypt has played the most shameless role in the golden age.

A journalist in the Egyptian government-controlled media described Netanyahu as a blessing from God for destroying Hamas. Egypt’s role in the inhumane situation in Gaza is in some cases worse than that of Israel. What else can be expected from such Arab states?

Decades after the lifting of the Israeli blockade on Gaza in 2005, Palestinians have found some relief. They lost all chances again as punishment for winning Hamas in the general election a year later. The Fatah-Hamas infighting has hurt them on the one hand, and Israel has legitimized all its misdeeds by making Hamas a terrorist group in the Western world on the other. Since then, the whole of Palestine, including the Gaza Strip, has been turned into a prison.

It has severely reduced Palestinians’ access to Jerusalem, tightened access to the mosque, and virtually blocked waterways after land. They have always shown the audacity of blocking Turkey-European Union and even UN relief. All in all, the fate of the Palestinians has shrunk.

After 2009, Israel carried out another massacre in 14 years. More than two thousand people lost their lives in that one fight. Even then the world did not respond as expected. As a rule, Israel continues to attack every Ramadan, Nakba or Intifada day. And there are always murders.

But in the shadow of the United States, Israel has been able to persuade Hamas to become a terrorist organization and to defend itself. Both rules and humanity seem to have gone blind for Palestine. 

Asking the Role of International Organizations Vs Ordinary Palestine Population

In 2012, the United Nations granted Palestine the status of an observer state. The Obama administration has since recognized Palestine. In such a context, a new peace agreement went a long way in 2013. The matter is up to that point. They are trying to make it clear that Israel will not recognize Palestine at all.

In the one-sided war of 2014, everything has become random again. But at least one of the foundations of the 1993 Oslo Accords was operational. When Trump came, not only the whole scene, but all the sources of the past have been denied. Some even want to deny the two-state solution now.

Nowadays, when the United Nations convenes a special meeting in the name of tolerance or compromise with the Palestinians, it seems that the message of peace for the Palestinians must be heard only by giving up everything. What a wonderful sample of rights!

The news agency Al Jazeera recently aired a documentary called Daily Life in Gaza. Nafiz Adayez runs a small bakery. He said he has been running this business since his father’s time. About 60 years. His parents also made a living in this way. Now his condition is very deplorable. No buyer. Everyone wants to eat but there is no money to buy. Was in Jerusalem before. Evicted and took refuge in Gaza. Now the Israelis are saying to get up from here too.

So his only question is – how many times will they change their address, where will they go? How to live?

Nahid Algul, a senior Palestinian water supplier, said they had to make ends meet. Her sister has cancer. It is important to go to Jerusalem to get chemotherapy. There is no such hospital in Gaza. Despite trying for six months, the cancer patient has not yet been able to obtain permission for her sister to enter Jerusalem. There is no work in Gaza, his sons used to work in Jerusalem. They can’t go any further. All in all, they are living in dire straits.

Ahmad Al Hisi has been fishing in the sea for 50 years. He says Israel is not allowing fishing in the sea as a punishment for voting for Hamas in the 2008 elections. A few days later, he took nets and boats. Many have been shot dead at sea. Not letting go where there are more fish a little farther. As a result, fish imports to Gaza have fallen sharply. People have no money, meanwhile prices are rising due to low supply. They are also not able to buy and eat, the fishermen are also struggling to make ends meet as they get less fish. Others involved in this business have also suffered.

Those who make boats, those who weave nets, those who supply oil or those who wholesale fish – no one is good. God knows best how we survive. They all have one question – how many times will we be evicted, where will we go, and how long will this Israeli occupation and oppression last?

As they do not know the answer, do we know? The human rights of Muslims have now reached such a stage that even international organizations now give everything to the oppressed. You didn’t do anything, Bapu? ..

The Arab World: Partition, Monarchy, and Oil-land

the arab world আরব বিশ্ব

 The Arab division, the monarchy, and the oil monarchy are the main sources of power in Israel. Even if it sounds bad, it must be acknowledged that liberating Palestine means the establishment of a people’s rule in Arabia.

However, that is why the struggle does not stop. The Palestinians did not sit still, they are still fighting. Their struggle has turned into a humanitarian war day by day.

In today’s context, it would be wrong to think of this fight as just a fight between Muslims or Palestinians. With the exception of the Arab ruling class, all humanitarian people in the world are now on the side of the Palestinians. It is difficult to hope that the Palestinian problem will be solved if the rights of the people are not established in the Arab system of government. In addition to the Palestinian struggle, we must also keep a close eye on the changing situation in Arabia.

Before that, we have to salute every citizen of Palestine. Despite so much oppression, so much suffering and sacrifice, they did not give up. Far from admitting defeat, they are constantly feeding Nakanichubani to the superpower America-Israel.

The return of Al-Aqsa at any cost and the independence of Palestine is their last word. Even after 60 years, their emotions and consciousness have not been scratched at all. They can throw everything else at once in the question of Palestine and Al-Aqsa.

Those whose mentality- they have no defeat. Someone in the world takes power and stops them. Although it may seem impossible to us at the moment, Khuk may soon join their destiny. Victory procession of millions of Palestinians in the square of free Al Aqsa – let this scene of imagination come true. The new generation of Palestinians returned to their pure childhood. We wish that from afar.


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