Mufti Amini Rah: Dreams, Revolutions, Imprisonment, and others

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If someone loses his master, he only loses his master. If someone loses his leader, he just loses his leader. If anyone loses his father, he loses his father. But by losing Mufti Amini we have lost everything.

How can I bear this pain?

There seems to be no sky over the head, no roof of the car. Sitting in the chair, it felt as if I was sitting in the air. Even when I see myself, sometimes I get scared. All the desires of life are lost somewhere. Thousands of dreams have turned gray.

I have been sleeping in the room for many nights, but I can’t sleep in that room nowadays. In fact, I lost my life. Sometimes I think that He would call me and I would run away. He used to call me for small matters. Sometimes I felt that he would call me and ask me what I was doing, I would say- I am doing this work, I am doing that work. He used to say in a soft voice- Well, all right, do it.

It seems that if he had been in hiding for a long time, he would have called and inquired about it under the pretext of it. Wanted to keep close. However, he did not say anything openly. He had a miraculous ability to digest thoughts. Be patient.

Mufti Amini Thought only about Islam, about The Country

Mufti Amini's family

If he made a mistake, he would not only forgive him but also give him a stream of affection. Ah, where can I find such people! He thought only about religion, about the country. He used to write about the propagation of Islam, the implementation of the rules of the Qur’an, etc., and various ways to prevent anti-Islamic activities.

He used to study really a lot. He would get lost in the pages of the book. Suddenly, if someone enters and greets him, he will regain consciousness. Trying to understand what happened. Oh well, why are you coming?…

Mifti Amini’s Speech was a Call to Hope for all, Old and Young

Tilawat, Tahajjud, Ronazari, Daras-Tadris were his favorite works. Darse used to present explanations and analyses on various issues as if the child was chewing food and feeding it to his mother. He used to do ‘waz’. Wandered from village to village. His speech was a call of hope for all the old and young students who were drowning in despair.

He dreamed. He himself nurtured the dream. The dream of establishing an Islamic state. His outline was evident in his speeches and speeches. His political career began in the eighties.

Imprisonment of Mufti Amini

In the presidential elections of 1974 and ’76, Hazrat Hafiz Huzur’s Rah. He played an important role in the electoral work of the party and in the Bangladesh Khilafah movement founded by Hafiz Huzur.

Long march at Babri Masjid in ’92, anti-Taslima movement in ’94, continuous NGO and anti-Qadiani movement, movement against fatwa verdict in 2001, movement to stop obscenity and arrogance, anti-Qur’an feminist movement, anti-Islam education movement.

Imprisonment till Death in False Case

Mufti Amini

Most of the time in this movement which has been going on for more than two decades, he has had to fight against the state power. For this, he had to be imprisoned twice in a false case. And had to remain under surveillance for twenty-one months until his last death.

And the source of his strength in this long struggle and movement was spirituality. Capital was the unshakable trust and faith in God at the root of all activities.

Otherwise, it was not possible to jump into the movement with such an organizational structure empty-handed.

Proof of Mufti Amini’s Close Relationship with God

Proof of his close relationship with Allah is his crying and burial in worship.

For about twenty long years he did not sleep at night. He spent his time in recitation, darud sharif, jikir, prayers and crying.

He is the witness of the gates of Lalbagh Madrasa and Mosque, brick-sand-gravel. Having been with him for a long 25-year journey, at home and abroad, he has become a witness even inside this vile place.

He used to attend waz-mahfils and Islamic conferences in different villages of the country and preach Ashajaganiya in a very beautiful and emotional voice. He dreamed of bringing back the lost traditions of the Muslim Ummah. His dream is still cherished in the hearts of millions of young students of the country.

The Call of Islamic Revolution by Mufti Amini

I had in mind that one day he would call for an Islamic revolution. In this, the fight will continue till the flag of Kalimar is flown till Shahidi Sudha is drunk. He is gone, never to return. Of course, we have to go one day. At the specified time.

But in the court of the Lord, we can work to carry forward his mission till death. Accept Allah Pak. Amen.

Author- Mufti Sakhawat Hossain. Son-in-law- Mufti Amini Rah … Muhaddis, Lalbagh Madrasah


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