Desert Shelter

Desert Shelter



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[A Palestinian Story By Sakil Adnan]

Just after entering the bathroom, Nabil rotated the shower handle. The stream of cold water came down in a neat noise. Nabil will take a long bath today. The body has become very tired for the long journey. Nabil is feeling pain in every pair of his bones. This long bath is a must for him just before he goes to sleep. The body is supposed to be boiled in the hot air inside the car. So Nabil surrendered himself in the cold water of the shower.

What a surprising ability of the water- Nabil thinks. To live, to be healthy, to be freshened and fit, how helplessly- we depend on this God’s blessing! Morning or afternoon, day or night – can you imagine a moment without water? The inner boring heat has decreased so far. Nabil was surprised to notice that the cold soft feeling of water is no longer there.

The fertile stream of water flowing through the strainer of a shower is now sticking his body. It is an Intense effort to repair the pain hidden in the back of the skin by the blows. It seems- the shock treatment and it is the same. A few days ago, Nabil got acquainted with this medical practice in a book. In this process, the pain of the severe injury is overcome by a more powerful blow. In a time – when the medical system was not very advanced, the shock treatment was widely applied. In some cases, it is still applied in a somewhat modern and fancy process.

Slowly Nabil has lifted the head up. Water streams seem more intense at this time. What a noise came in the ears of Nabil. Someone’s phone came? Nabil has stopped the shower faster. No sound was heard anywhere. Waiting for a few seconds, Nabil has rotated the handle of the shower again. The bath is not over yet. Today he will take a bath for a long time. The voice came again at that time. Nabil held down the handle and concentrated. Yes, the mobile is ringing- an Arabian chorus song by the children’s voice….

Who heaven is calling at this inappropriate time? Nabil has bruised his eyebrow with nervousness. He carefully entered the room with the wet body. The line was cut before taking the mobile handset from the computer table. When he pressed the button, he was shocked by the surprising presence of the little name of three dimensions on-screen- ‘Labiba’. There was no reason to be surprised by Nabil. He has no one else more than the girl. But Nabil knows – how angry the girl will be. She said repeatedly to call her just after reaching at Riyadh, which is the women’s unforgettable habit of all time about their loving and caring people.

He cannot really keep in mind Labiba due to his heavy busyness and long boring journey of the Arabian hot summer. Good to say- Nabil did not get the opportunity to communicate. Although he thought once or twice- there was not enough time or mental condition to talk with her. Will he call her now? Turning his eyes on the mobile screen, Nabil has surprised again when he saw- the carpet is wetting by his wet body. The name ‘Labiba’ got up on the screen once more with the same sweet chorus. This time Nabil took the decision quickly. He will not receive the phone now. Not even a callback. He does not have enough energy to handle the wounded pride of Labiba. Will he send a message? Thinking a  while, he wrote down shortly- ‘Afwan… Ba’dan Nawm, InshaAllah.’ (Forgive please…after the sleep, if God wants.)

Going to press the send button he was remembered – surely the girl will have a quarrel over this. What would have been the difficulty to write it in English!… Then, following The eternal rule, wounded pride will have been falling down from the other side for the whole two minutes, although Labiba has been defeated several times to Nabil’s awakening Arab nationalist sentiments. Nabil has pressed the button by spreading out a smile in the corner of his lip.

Desert Shelter (Part 2)

Arafat Hamid’s age has crossed 70. It seems the weight of the age has fallen down upon his mind more than his body. Nowadays, he cannot remember a lot of things. The head is not exactly playing as before. So what? He is not incautious. He does not think about reducing responsibilities by thinking about his health. How does he think? He left the country with a great mission to ensure the safety of his motherland, relatives, and neighbors, how much he could move forward in the mission? What kind of contribution can be made by just sending some money, food, and clothes; for those people who are constantly sticking by a drunk but exact formless fox of domination!

He did not immerse himself in the luxury environment of Saudi Arabia, even there is no error or lack in his trying efforts; nevertheless, time to time a guilt feeling became intense and more in his heart. The countrymen will suffer from eating, they will suffer for residence; innocent children will live with the horrors of death, guiltless mothers and sisters will pass their moments with a cruel woe and he will live peacefully in a distant country – this is a big injustice to them, very shabby mentality.

For twenty years, he is survived with the suffering of this unbearable heart conflict. On the night of martyrdom, yelling of his boy by the blow of the bayonet and the helpless eyes of his wife often fired on his manhood. At the same time, the stacked letters of oppressed people, the humble and hopeless voice of friends over the phone make him lowered. He keeps working covering his living wounds under the thawb (traditional Arabian dress). Al Aqsa, Jerusalem, Nablus mountain, Khan Younes, Ummehani became alive in his eyes, one by one.

-Sir, may I come?

Khalid’s voice was heard from outside the door. Arafat Hamid allowed him quickly being normal. Grabbing the mouse he turned his eyes to the computer screen. Arafat Hamid cannot realize why he became such a nostalgic today by taking a look at the old copies of Nabil’s Al Hurriyah Magazine.

-Sir, it’s the last year’s report of our agency and this is the letter sent by Nabil, Khalid has forwarded two separate envelopes.

-Okay, you can go now. Arafat Hamid took the papers.

The boy Nabil is very wise and alert, thinks Arafat Hamid. He has been seeing his extra care and seriousness about his responsibilities from the beginning. He is editing the Magazine, efficiently coordinating between different ministries and donors. But for a few days, he has been noticing a kind of inconstancy on his behavior. That is more clear in this letter. In some cases, he is in favor of breaking the only Palestine-centered circle in the reports of the magazine. He himself thought about this issue many times. However, the hesitation has repeatedly stopped him, whether the main motive is interrupted or not.

His arguments are also sharp in the analysis of Arab and Crusades’ history, running reality and the ongoing conspiracy against Islam. He also brought some new suggestions. But the so-called very cautious, dull and sacred character of the Arab-rulers prevented Arafat Hamid from becoming energetic. The situations will be so dangerous if the fund collection is interrupted. The issue of indirect support can also be questioned. Besides, the waves of change have arisen in the whole of the middle-east, God knows where and how it will be stopped. He decided to postpone the thinking of Nabil for now. He has to do this compromise with his own conscience. But his last statement really made him think. Nabil has found conspiracy within the organization. Nabil accused this group of the disappearance of Rafi Adil and Shakib Raihan. It needs to be clear. Arafat Hamid logged into the mail keeping the envelopes in profile.

Desert Shelter (Part 3)

Nabil’s calculation has not remained right. At midnight when his sleep suddenly broke out, he perceived- the body is burning with the fever. Obstacles and fatigues of the bus-Journey from Medina to Riyadh are not so less. Though he was ready mentally, the body did not support it. However, he is feeling relaxed, because he completed the target of meeting up with Foreign Secretary Yusuf Ahmad and talking to him. Nabil looked at the watch. It’s more than 2 AM. He has to eat something. He got very hungry. Esha prayer (prayer of the night) has not even been performed. He lit the lights and stepped toward the bathroom.

There is nothing more in the refrigerator. He has no desire for dry food now. Nabil came to bed with half of a cake and a glass of milk. He has to call Labiba. The clock has crossed the quota of two and a half. Surely she is not awake at this deep night. Labiba is always a traditional Arab woman in these regards, the night means to lie down. Nabil called her. After dialing he quickly noticed his increasing heartbeat with a casual tone. Guilt feeling really makes people very nervous. The phone was not adopted. He called again.

This time Labiba received the phone with the line getting connected.

‘Assalamu Alaikum’…Being delivered quickly, Nabil’s voice might shudder a little.

‘Wa Alaikumus Salaam’…Labiba answered simply, with a gentle voice.

‘What do you do?’…Nabil asked.

‘Nothing’…Said Labiba.

-‘You are awake on this deep night!’…Nabil cannot conceal his own surprise.

‘For nothing’…Labiba replied shortly.

-‘You are very angry with me, are not you?’… Nabil asked, there is a mix of shame and guilt feelings in his voice.

-‘No’…Labiba hides her anger.

‘Actually’…Nabil tried to explain but Labiba does not give the chance.

-‘I did not want your explanation. It does not look good for men like you to be negligible in these ordinary cases’….Labiba does not hide her anger this time.

Nabil has really stumbled this time. Labiba has returned his words to him. He does not think it right to go more forward. If this black cloud of anger starts to drop being rain, the situation will be uncontrollable. Nabil has thrown the last ball of his self-defense.

-‘Do you want to cut the line?’

-‘Cut’- saying that Labiba herself has cut the line. The classic accent of Labiba has been echoing for a long time in the ears of Nabil

Nabil went back fifteen years ago. They took shelter in a refugee camp in Rafah border. ‘They’ means- he and his aunt Umme Hammad. There were more than two hundred families there. In 1996, Hamas launched a direct strike on Israel for the first time. Israel responded by shouting like a monster. Cruel attacks and oppressions were directed over whole Palestine, along with the Gaza, Ramallah, west bank. Thousands of innocent men and women, children and old people were martyred. Due to destroying hundreds of homes, countless families were forced to take shelter in the refugee camp. Twelve-year-old Nabil understands almost everything at that moment. The scene still is floating in his eyes- they were going to the border in a private car with parents. Suddenly there was an attack on the nearby house, a Missile Attack.

Before understanding anything, the three-storeyed house has collapsed on the ground. Collapsing a portion of the wall on the car, the running car has reversed suddenly and was thrown to the other side. After returning to knowledge, Nabil discovered himself in the temporary camp of refugees. His aunt was sitting near his head. His father had started going to Saudi Arabia with this aunt. The aunt took him to a tent to the west. Fifteen to twenty of the dead bodies laid down in a queue. His parents and younger sister were sitting in the back seat of the car. Three of them have been martyred, collapsing the wall on the backside of the car. The driver was also seriously injured. He was admitted to a hospital in West Bank. Nabil has stood to one side of the tent by catching the hand of his aunt. His parents have been covered in white cloth. His younger sister Nadia’s body has been kept right between them. On the last night, at the time of bomb blasting, Nabil ran to the parents’ room. Quickly lifting him, his father laid him beside himself. By cuddling for a long time, Mum helped him to fall asleep. Now no one is calling him anymore. How quietly Nadia is sleeping!… Nabil cannot think anything. His head started to suffer from intense pain. There is also severe pain on the left side of the chest. After fifteen years even today, Nabil noticed that- when he remembered her parents, water does not drop from his eyes. Just the left side of the chest is started to suffer from intense pain. Nadia’s soft, cute, bright and innocent face makes him dumb.

Nabil’s Uncle has been working in a Saudi oil company. He himself gave the proposal of coming to Saudi Arabia with their aunt. Getting proper communication with the uncle and other arrangements it took three months for Nabil and his aunt to travel to Saudi Arabia. Nabil had to spend these three months through the horrific situation in the refugee camp. Every day many families used to come to take shelter in these camps of the border. Many people have come to their camp also. The people who had relatives or communication, they used to go to other Arab countries. How terrible were these days, Nabil is still got scared? Even in such a difficult period of suffering from all these losses, he saw the sparkle of Integral Arab Nationalism and Palestinian Traditional Consciousness in the eyes of the people that forced him to think, believe in, and dream still today.

Nabil was introduced with Labiba in that refugee camp. One morning, everybody along with Nabil ran to a tent, hearing the screaming of a girl. After reaching the tent, where a family came to take shelter just in the previous evening; they saw- a girl was crying lying down over her mother’s body. An Israeli commando group has launched an attack in Ramallah’s main residential area two days ago. This family is also a victim of their brutal demonization. Two boys and their father were tortured to death. The mother was seriously injured going to save them. She died in this temporary camp hospital before today’s morning. Suddenly being senseless the girl has survived miraculously, she is crying now. There is no one more for her in the world. One thing cut the spots in the Nabil’s mind very sharply, Palestinians who are already there or coming- most of them are like him. Losing their brothers and sisters, parents and relatives, homes and wealth- everything; they became lonely and destitute. They have survived with continuous bleeding in the heart and trying to…

The girl is now an orphan, like Nabil. Her age will be six or seven. Nabil spoke to the girl in the afternoon. Nabil did not remember the complete conversation- what they were talking about or how long. But He did not forget the matter of pronouncing her name ‘Labiba’ in a very calm and cool voice like after waking from a deep and long sleep. He also remembers clearly her silent and helpless looking. Requesting his aunt, Nabil had brought Labiba to their tent. Her uncle came from Iraq fifteen to twenty days later and took her to Iraq. They no longer contacted each other after that day.

Nabil-Labiba was re-introduced two-and-a-half years ago through the Quarterly Magazine Alquds, published by Shaykh Arafat Hamid. Labiba herself contacted first, seeing the name of Nabil in this magazine of Palestinian Foundation. Then no one could find that- how did one life get involved with another. When one became essential for another, talking hours after hours about the matter of their country, life, consciousness, and ideology- who have cared! They never talked about it, but they know- they will have to spend the rest of their life together. Nabil-Labiba accepted it too. Their love became adorned through the unexpressed expressions!

Another thing made Nabil very excited at that time. After the accident, who brought them to the shelter from the midway? Almost everyone else was in the same condition, who helped them too? In the shelter, meals were served two times daily. Even there was a small range of medical camps. The proper management of these things is not ignorable anyhow. Being these things well managed, there was a discipline in the troubled and disordered situation of the refugee camp. The question continues to grow slowly in his mind, even after coming to Saudi. His aunt said that they are mostly the members of Hamas. Hamas! They are the Lion breeds of Hamas, in whose’ heroes name Palestinian children dare to stand in front of the Israeli tank with only a small stone? Nabil’s heart is filled with pride. The soft heart and kind mentality of serving countrymen of these heroic soldiers leading the war of liberation from the front side fascinated him. Will you ever see? After getting them in front of him, he could not touch these dream mates. This regret of failure burns his inside, sticks his heart continuously… Will he ever see them?

Desert Shelter (Part 4)

After falling into the bed for continuous four days, Nabil felt somewhat release from fever. Both the body and mind are tired. The doctor asked to stay in rest for a few more days. But Nabil is well aware of that, there is not enough time in his hands. The Magazine has to make ready within the next week. There is also a meeting with Shaykh Arafat Hamid again. Yesterday he sent an urgent call through mailing. Nabil called Hamza and Nasim. They are so close among his friends, also stay fairly near. They constantly ran after the doctors- pharmacies these four days. Nabil thinks- after coming to Nasim and Hamza, they all have to spread hand to work today.

Hamza and Nasim came in the afternoon. They thanked God for seeing him in better condition. Hamza said- I did not understand anyhow your sudden visit to Riyadh in this short period of time. The work of the magazine is almost incomplete. Nasim also agreed with Hamza. Nabil said to clear the matter- ‘Look, I told you before, behind Rafi and Harun’s disappearance there are someone’s hands within our organization. I had to go to Riyadh for confirmation of some information related to that. That’s why I suddenly visited Riyadh before going to meet with Shaykh Arafat Hamid. It is necessary to address the issue before going to Palestine. Well, leave that for now. Let’s spread the hands to work…And one more thing- who told Labiba about my illness?’

I’m- said Hamza. I did not know that you did not inform her. I sent a replying mail to ensure about getting her report. I just added a line at the end- Nabil’s fever is decreasing. After then immediately, Labiba asked all the things over the phone… “Ok, now let’s start the work.” Nabil got up from the bed quickly. There is no meaning of getting caught again, going more forward. Still, he cannot forget anyhow the last night’s crying of Labiba. This girl’s tears had made his heart wounded in the refugee camp, He himself hurt her today? The girl cried all the time of phoning. All of her inner wounded pride-anger-deprivation has fallen down, alike being salty water of eyes. Now the heat of these tears has massed upon Nabil. He cannot be normal anyhow. The pain that was raised in the left side of his chest after seeing his younger sister and parents dead body, again he started to suffer from exactly that pain. Nabil does not understand- losing loved ones and getting them close, is our heart prepared just melting like this?!

Desert Shelter (Part 5)

Arafat Hamid left the country at the end of 1987. He was a headmaster of a local school. The first historical Intifada (Uprising) of Palestinians against Israel started this year. During the Israeli strike, his wife and only child were martyred. Hamid came to Makkah for Umrah to overcome the grief of his wife and son. On returning, He met with the renowned scholar of Saudi- Shaykh Abdullah bin Baz. Shaykh told him to stay in Saudi Arabia instead of returning to the country. He had said- ‘covering the dream of victory and freedom in the heart, only crying and waiting is not any solution. You have also to think about helping the sufferers and supporting the people who try for freedom. In today’s world, creating public opinion is also a big thing. So in my opinion- it will be better for you to stay here.’ Then he paid a big amount of cash and gave the order of starting to do whatever they want- from publishing the magazine or something else they needed. Since then, Arafat Hamid has walked on this own path. In the mid-’90s, he took the initiative of bringing the Palestinians to the one platform from running scattered position. He also laid down the Palestine Foundation. Then tasks have proceeded very well. Through contacting Palestinian and Palestine supported writers-researchers, communicating with the international embassies, administrations and civil societies the efforts of creating public opinion in favor of independent Palestine have succeeded to build a stiff position around the world. Expatriate Palestinians are also getting the chance to get together. Different Magazines and Journals are being published regularly covering the news and the real situations of Palestine. There are five such companies in Saudi Arabia now. All of these are moving forward with a dream in the heart.

When Nabil reached the office of Arafat Hamid, it was almost evening. Performing evening prayer, he entered the room. Every time, when he came to meet this man, Nabil was surprised. Even at this age, he is performing lots of stuff with great efforts and love. Nabil sat in front of Arafat Hamid giving the proof copy of the magazine on his hand. Arafat Hamid was flipping one page after another, watching and reading. After a while, he turned up his face and asked–

What did Gazi Masud write about? It looks deep…

-‘About Mossad’s conspiracy. They have been assassinated almost a few hundred people only in one decade after 1/11 within the Muslim countries. Among them, there are talented politicians, scientists and a number of eminent Islamic thinkers. From the very beginning, they had especially targeted the Muslims who were researching about atoms. Iran’s Hasan Bag, Egypt’s Samir Musa, Amir Najib, Iraq’s Yahya Amin Al Mushahid – all of these scientists are assassinated by Mossad’- said Nabil.

‘Keep in mind, the boy will do well one day. In this age his inquisitive mind attracted me. What did Nasir Abdullah write? Let me see his writing’…said, Arafat Hamid.

-‘That is here’ Nabil has forwarded an article of some pages. ‘Nasir wrote about the ongoing revolution in Arab-Africa’- said Nabil.

‘What did he want to say’…Asked Arafat Hamid.

‘Arab people welcomed the rise of youth and the type of revolution. However, highlighting the current situation and some historical facts, he expressed his doubts about the consequences. The imperialists will not be sitting lazily’…said Nabil.

‘It seems like this for now. But Nabil, this revolution was very much needed. Greed, absorption and the most oppressing stone of the brokerage was sitting on the chest of the whole Arab. The extraction of it has become so urgent. The first step of the revolution was very successful too. But who will bring the harvest to home? There is always a lack of proper leadership to bring people’s dreams to reality in these Arab countries’- said, Arafat Hamid.

‘Yes Shaykh’-Nabil agreed. He also added- ‘apart from this, the imperialists want to confuse the consciousness of youth before getting the exact results. There are old tools like the Shia-Sunni conflict and the Arab-Persian-Turkian extremist nationalism in their hands. Even if they do not work, they will create the civil war, always they are doing so here. But Shaykh, I think we need to go ahead with our own issues.’

‘Yes, I also think so. We have got some immediate results. The Rafah border closed by the Mubarak government was opened four years later. Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman Tunisia, and almost all Arab countries have decided to reform. Palestine is also a major part of this reform process. Already some Latin and African countries recognized our independence, although in very little space. Meanwhile, the consensus among Hamas-Fatah has also sparked hope. If everything is okay then maybe we are going to get something good like this. Our organization will take steps, keeping these in mind. Well, for the special reason I called you, you wanted to share something with me- what would you want to share?’…Asked Arafat Hamid

‘Yes’, Nabil started with a little tension in the voice. ‘It was necessary to go to Riyadh for confirming that matter. I was suspecting the people of the Naba Foundation. A month ago, there was a doubt, seeing a mail-in their office. The key name of Naba’s Editor and co-editor is Jacob Gazarian and Andy Sharon. They have referenced themselves to all as unmarried, but actually, they are married. Names of their wives are Marina and Isabella. Here they use the Muslim name. I did not get any actual proof of their fundraising sources still now. Because of all of these….’

‘Mashallah, you did a great job, Nabil.’ There is clear and deep gratitude in Arafat Hamid’s voice. During the presence of anger, his bright and beautiful face becomes red. He said, ‘I will close the matter very quickly. He took information from the hands of Nabil.’

-‘Shaykh, I decided to go to Palestine’- said Nabil in a low voice.

‘Yes, I heard. Look Nabil, not just you, the only dream of each Palestinian is the salvation of Alaqsa-Jerusalem. Free Palestine is the one and only thing, we have fought for more than 60 years. We lost the country, not in 47 but in 1917, on the day the British administered us by the declaring ‘Balfour’ for the establishment of Israel in Palestine. All that is going on until then is to implement this declaration. An imposed country has to be the oppressor. This is a historical truth. The persecution of Israel will continue on us till the last day of its existence. And the long history of the Crusades against Islam is also centered on our land- Al-Aqsa-Jerusalem. According to the directive of Pope Urban II and through participating in a group of Jewish people, the Christian West had started the all-rounded war in 1096; It did not stop yet. Now it is more organized than before. After World War I, the Christian army occupied Syria from Turkey with the help of Sharif Hossain of Makkah. English officer and British colonial administrator Francis Gore kicked the tomb of the Heroic soldier and ideal ruler of Islamic history Salahuddin Aiyubi- ‘hey Saladin, we have come! We’ve won Syria, Look up!’… Being emotional Arafat Hamid has cried. He also added- ‘Even after the 1/11, we watched the crusade’s trumpet to be played in a new way. Eventually, we are the biggest and most direct victims of these horrible problems. But we have no ability to handle one of them, except by the help of Almighty Allah. There are 40 million refugees among just 60 million Palestinians. Are there some unharmed families in our country? We cannot forget this anyhow. We have to move forward keeping this consciousness in mind. Like you, I also want to return to the country. Want to be lost in the group of the boys who stand in front of the Israeli tank with stone pieces. Thank you for your thoughts. You must go to the country, but not personally, on behalf of the agency. Not permanently, for a couple of years. The responsibility of our magazine ‘Hurriyah’ will remain on your shoulders. You can do it better giving the instructions directly from the field. In total, you are going to Palestine as our representative. Nabil, what you say!’ Arafat Hamid finished with the question.

-Nabil raised the head. Covering the fire of the rebellion on heart he came with, was floated by the warm water of Arafat Hamid’s eyes. He knows that nothing can be done for him alone. Maybe he can feel a little bit of comfort by hugging with some of his countrymen, nothing else. If he will get the situation different after returning, he will explain. Nabil accepted the proposal of Arafat Hamid for now.

‘And listen’- there is a kind of directive tone in the voice of Arafat Hamid. He said-‘Before going to Palestine, you have to go to Turkey.’

Nabil looked at Arafat Hamid being surprised.

-‘Are you surprised?’ added Arafat Hamid. ‘I have had a long talk with the uncle of Labiba. You know the running Turkey government is our strong ally. There is also a need to work there. Labiba has already done some works. We are in need of your little supervision in there also. So firstly you’re going to Istanbul and then on the way to Palestine.’

Nabil stood up in a gentle way. Came out quickly, giving a hug to Arafat Hamid.

Desert Shelter (Part 7)

Back to the office, Nabil fully concentrated on the work. There is not enough time in his hands at all. Almost half of the work of the magazine is incomplete. Humza and Nasim were so busy with the composing-proofreading and inner Setup-Makeup. The reports of Abasan have not arrived yet. They have to write up the Saudi-Culture Minister’s interview from the cassette. In the meantime, there was no chance of thinking about anything else. Just after two days, Libba’s phone came at noon. Nabil received with a mixed feeling of pride and gratitude.

‘Assalamu Alaikum’ (Islamic blessing)…Nabil shared his blessing.

‘Wa Alaikum Salaam’ – replied Labiba. Her voice is so quiet, calm. ‘What are you doing?’ asked Labiba.

‘Reading the proof’… Nabil replied shortly.

‘Hururiya’s work is not over yet!’ Labiba got surprised.

It’s almost done. Abasan’s news has reached in late. After composing, these are under proofreading now’…Nabil explained.

‘You did not call back, returning from Shaykh Arafat Hamid, may I ask- why?’

‘For nothing. I am busy with the magazine. Besides, you know all the things!

‘Your ego has not gone yet’- Labiba suddenly got angry saying that. ‘You feel your defeat whenever something happens out of your will. I do not understand, who do you want to win against by doing this? An opponent is needed to win or lose… Whom do you imagine as the opponent here, in our personal matter?…’

Nabil always fails to deal with this feminine excitement. Getting badly caught, He kept silence.

-‘I have planned how much things!’… There is a frustrated tone in Labiba’s voice. ‘And you smashed all of these. You have thought Labiba as ordinary as the five other girls. But you do not know- by the brightness of your consciousness, Labiba has learned to change herself at all. Palestine is not only yours. My family is also lying there. If we go, we’ll go together. Our destiny has been compiled in one thread a long time ago. Did not you think a once!’…

-‘Stop Labiba’- The tone of a request is in Nabil’s voice. ‘I did not imagine- I will be devastated to you like this. Besides, I did not disagree with you in total. We will do whatever you said. Only from that dependence, I was silent. Again I say, everything will be as you wish!’ Suddenly, Nabil’s throat started to get caught by inner crying. Crying of his wounded pride…

-In joy and excitement, a stream of warm water also continues to drop from Labiba’s eyes

A relation of necessity becomes heavenly by the touch of the holy water from human eyes.

Desert Shelter (Part 8)

Nabil hugged Hamza, Nasim and lastly Arafat Hamid. Being entered through the auto door glass; Nabil hid not only Nasim, Hamza’s frustrated eyes or Shaykh Arafat’s tears- but the fifteen years of his exile life. It took more than one hour to sit in his reserved seat crossing the trouble of immigration. Flying over the residential area, the airplane quickly reached the desert. Nabil was surprised seeing the gorgeous combination of sunlight and desert. In the morning light, both of them are looking so beautiful, golden. How much diversity is hidden behind this dessert! Where the water is coming from suddenly in the desert of a thousand miles! The creamy and sweet dates also come out from inside of this hot-dry desert. Again, a whole mountain stands up in the quiet desert by a little storm in the air. Almighty Allaah also loved this dessert. Kabah-Al Aqsa is here, almost all of the holy books along with the Quran and the countless prophets have been sent to this region. Right at that moment, lovely Palestine was presented in the eyes of Nabil with a sudden shining. To get the favorite country, He too will have to return to this dessert. Suddenly, the heart of Nabil becomes agile.

Where is my Palestine…?

Where is Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, Nabalus, Gaza, West Bank?


His mind starts to run, blowing up the steel-iron shape of the racing airplane; In the fastest speed, With the strongest power…

Desert Shelter


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