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The laws of injustice, torture and cancellation have kept people in the grip of terrorism and oppression everywhere in the world. Pornography does not allow the eyes to be protected in a safe position. Anxiety does not give the feeling a chance to escape. The market for ruthless carnage and heinous terrorism is now hot. All sorts of media in the name of entertainment and culture has paved the way for character assassination.

The fear of God and the idea of ​​the Hereafter are being eradicated by brainwashing the hearts and minds of the youth of this generation, even the name of Allah and His Messenger is being erased today.

But the question is, is the need in all these situations that we be left in despair about our future? Will disallow our hands and feet to work out? And will we be ashamed to talk about the successful implementation of Islamic law even in this golden time?

It must be remembered that no matter how horrible the past-present situation may be or will be, the religion we have come to believe in is, in the eyes of the religion, despair and despair as a characteristic of disbelief. It is impossible for a person who believes in the existence of God, His perfect might, and His essence and attributes to fall into the abyss of despair, even in the darkest of darkness.

Because in the religion, Allah has chosen Islam as the law and rule for us and declared: ‘Today I have perfected your religion. My favor is complete to you and I have chosen Islam as your religion. ‘

Declaration of Muslim Life Explained

Muslim life, Islamic law
Prayer is a part of muslim life

Did not Allah know this truth, that a bad time is coming, so that it is difficult to follow the rules and regulations of this religion and to establish that rule? It is known that Allah Ta’ala has revealed the rules and regulations to His servants with the knowledge of what will happen in the future and what will be the way to implement the religious law in those situations.

The spectacular night of ignorance and delusion that the ruler of both worlds, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) entered this world, is not obscure to any human being. It was a thousand times more risky to follow Islamic law than it is now. Taking the name of Allah was a crime.

The Beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had to return to the House of Allaah with a pile of unclean ashes on his back. The whole world became the enemy of his bloodthirsty soul for the crime of merely denying the rule of the stone. It was closed to the means of subsistence.

However, in Sarwar, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his devoted Companions of the Universe have shown their adherence to Islam even in that horrible situation and have established the supremacy of Islamic law in the world.

Islamic Law is The Need of Current World

No matter how deep the fragility of today’s situation may be, the problems and risks of adhering to Islam and Islamic law are certainly a thousand times less than in the early days of Islam. Today we can perform all the acts of worship including prayers and fasting without any worries. No one can stop it. So what are the obstacles that stand in the way of our voice in demanding the establishment of Islamic law?

Successful implementation of Islamic law - Muslim life
Halal-Haram are the parts of islamic law and shariah

Remember, the only cure for all kinds of fragility today is Islam and Islamic law. The world of fictitious rules has come to an end, its scope and scope have narrowed, and the time for Islamic law is widening.

The time has come for the universality, effectiveness, acceptability of Islamic law and its successes and benefits to be clearly presented to the nation and for the establishment of this sacred and benevolent law. The current situation in Bangladesh says that this country will one day return to Islamic law. In this context, there are also prophecies of religion in Buzurg.

I would rather go so far as to rely on God to say that if the aspirants for the establishment of Islamic law can unite for one day only, then Islamic rule is bound to be established in this country on that day. But it is a matter of great regret that the enemies of Islam, realizing this difference, have spread the epidemic of division among us with the help of various deceptions and we are all becoming the worst victims of that epidemic with utter indifference. Now is the time to be alert and vigilant.

Everyone must now be ready for the heavenly inspiration of martyrdom by abandoning the path of conflict and interpretation-analysis. Undoubtedly, Islamic law is one of the greatest and most eternal rules of all time. It is eternally free and pure from all the imperfections and faults of all the Tantra mantras of the world.

Muslim life
Struggle in the life of Palestine Muslims

Without the proper implementation of this Islamic law, the expectation of justice and real peace in the world can be nothing but imagination. Because Islamic law and principles are an eternal message given by the All-Wise, All-Hearing, All-Seeing and All-Seeing Lord Almighty. It is not the brainchild of some so-called intellectuals.

It is not a futile conception of any parliament or assembly or a leader or leader of a nation. And there is no need for any parliament to take refuge in Islamic law. Rather, it is the parliament that has to resort to Islamic law. If a law is passed in the parliament by a majority which is against Islam, then it is far from obligatory on the people, it is not permissible or haram for any Muslim to follow that law in his/her life.

Is It Possible to Implement 100% Islamic Law in Today’s Muslim Life

Rather, it is a message sent by an entity who knows everything and keeps track of everything. Who is the only Creator of all nations of all time and of the whole world, and whose creation is eternally free from all imperfections and imperfections. Who is fully aware of the real diseases and real needs of the entire human race. From the time of the descent to the time of the cataclysm, the principles given by Allah for each and every future generation contain the complete guidelines of the fruitful stream of welfare and guidance.

It would be an utter foolishness and a grave mistake to call as man-made nonsense against this Islamic law which shines in the light of welfare and guidance. Laws based on justice and fairness can only be what has been incarnated by the Creator of man. So that there is full assurance of protection of basic human rights and proper solution of all the problems of human life.

Only this law given by Allah can give real freedom and liberty. The message of victory of the ever-desired justice and the ever-deprived happiness-peace. It can give people the light of equality, friendship and brotherhood and can create a paradise environment in the glory of love and affection.

The overall and ubiquity of Islamic law pervades all spheres of human life. So there can be no rationale behind looking for a man-made law instead of such a law. The person who replaces the man-made law with the law given by Allah, basically wants his conscience to prevail over the knowledge of Allah and considers his thoughtful thoughts and ideas as superior to the law of Allah which is unimaginable for a Muslim.

Those who have a very narrow view of Islamic law, and above all those who bypass Islamic law for their own age and find fictitious law useful and useful, have nothing to do with Islam.

On the contrary, it can be said quite emphatically that those who are dissatisfied with Islamic law, even if they have thousands of Islamic nicknames or titles on their heads, do not fall within the boundaries of Islam and Muslims.

Hazrat Allama Ustad Shamsul Haq Faridpuri, an Islamic jurist, spoke about the universality and universality of Islamic law. Here is an epoch-making and best analysis: ‘Since the provisions of Islam are not written by man but by the omniscient and all-encompassing God, there is ample room for compilation on the subject matter which is necessary to change human progress without changing the principles.

Islamic law, in Muslim life
Quran and Sunnah are the major source of Islamic law

And that which has no need of change has been kept completely unchanged. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) explained this in the following way: “Allah Ta’ala has given me as much law as He has given me language.”
Those who say that Islamic law is limited to worship and a small range of personal life.

Western Education System Creating False Meditative Ideas in Muslim Life and Thoughts

It has nothing to do with politics and administration. Islam has nothing to do with their heartless statement. Rather, it is a toxic consequence of meditative ideas imported from the West and the Western education system. Which has already strengthened the foundation of creating false meditative ideas among the next generation due to our carelessness.

To the tune of those who say that religion is a personal matter, it has nothing to do with politics and administration. Religion and politics are two different things. Religion is an obstacle to progress and development. It goes without saying that their ideas and views are absolutely irrational and misleading.

We will humbly request in response to all this – see our demand to your courtesy, withdraw these ignorant statements.

History bears witness to the fact that the states of Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Africa, India and Afghanistan have been governed according to these Islamic principles and laws. On that day, sitting on the earth, people felt the happiness and peace of heaven. Above all, an unprecedented wonderful history of drinking water in a ghat for goats and tigers was written.

If we still have the desire for peace and security in our minds, if we hope for the welfare of both worlds, there is no alternative but to establish the law of God. In this hellish world today, only Islam can bring back the paradise environment . What is most needed today is to publicize the benefits of Islamic law and the culture of education.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And continue your admonition. Your advice will bring them benefits. ‘

Therefore, the superiority of Islam must be presented to the people in accordance with the needs of the present time. But no one has been given the right to cut Islam according to the needs of the present time. If anyone tries to do that, it will be tantamount to distorting Islam.

mufti amini
Mufti Amini rah.

You are all aware of today’s situation. The only permanent compensation that can be given to the damage and problems that capitalism and socialism have brought to the world is Islam .

Only Islam can pull people out of the path of destruction, fall and hell and give them the freedom to give gifts. No other ideology-philosophy and provision has ever been able to give it, nor will it ever be able to.

(Mufti Fazlul Haque Amini; a summary of a speech given two decades ago)


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