The Inevitable Social Reality of Bangladesh

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As a society we are not yet stable. Could not become stable. Misconceptions, malnutrition, income-oriented education have divided us.

The scariest thing is to think that one’s own thoughts are appropriate and try to impose them on others in any way – which is very strong in our society.

Absence of basic and one-way education, imperfection of religious education is the root cause of this problem. There is a whimsical mentality of walking in excitement. As a result, the social or ethnic solidarity that was supposed to develop year after year, age after age, living together, moving around, meeting each other, has not happened to us here.

The ideological unit of our society has no basis except a natural kind of similarity in religious or political matters. Language-clothing-skin color-external these cultural elements only play a helpful role in building a stable society, never roots.

It is the unity of perception, perception and consciousness that forms the foundation of a nation. Strengthens the roots. We don’t have that.

We have to accept this shameful reality as well as be proud of our millennial tradition.

And in the absence of these and the prevalence of internal conflicts and negative thoughts, the combination of religious beliefs or political consciousness does not bring much benefit.

The society is moving forward with some kind of courtesy shown to the people by hiding the strong discomfort inside.

Although sick, decaying and endlessly embarrassing, this reality is inevitable – we cannot get rid of it easily. Unlike today, the probability in the near future is almost zero.


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